The Haunted series
  • middle grade ghost stories
  • What do you do when a ghost needs your help?

    Jon doesn’t believe in ghosts. Not even if his mother does, and married a man who researches ghost sightings for his own TV show. Not even when they travel with the show, and visit “haunted” places.

    But his younger sister Tania claims she can see the ghosts. Deciding to believe her is just the first challenge. Softhearted Tania wants to help the ghosts. First the siblings have to find out what happened to keep each ghost trapped in this world. Then they have to help the ghosts move on—sometimes by letting them take over Tania’s body. All this while dealing with their overprotective mother, a stepfather who’d want to exploit Tania’s gift, and a changing assortment of human troublemakers.

    Life gets interesting when your sister sees ghosts. And the TV show’s shooting season is just beginning....

    This paranormal adventure series, for children ages 8-12, features The Ghost on the Stairs, The Riverboat Phantom and The Knight in the Shadows.

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    "OMG, I loved this! What a great, great read." - Saundra M.

    "It's a fun one for kids, and it's an interesting take on the challenges of communication with spirits." - Charlotte's Library

    "Eboch has a nice writing style, and she crafts her stories well, carefully building suspense, showing her action, and setting scene.... Around the ghost stories, Eboch weaves river lore, Mark Twain, tidbits concerning steamboat operation, and morals, manners, and customs of late 19th Century America that could just entice someone to pick up “Tom Sawyer,” or go learn something about mining towns." - Radio host Connie Gotsch

    "A great start to a suspenseful new series.... These brave kids take on this challenge without adult assistance, and the grown-ups are great supporting characters who let the kids do their own thing. Haunted is a fun read with some thrills and chills and has the added bonus of some genuine, compassionate personalities." — Librarian Julie S.

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